Strap-On Cuties

Leenda was together with her good friend Lisa at her place goofing around with her new camera. When Leenda suddenly started touching and caressing Lisa’s breasts while posing for a photo, Lisa couldn’t believe her luck! She always wished for a real lesbian romp and after Leenda kissed her, Lisa fell into total ecstasy. First they licked each others’ sweet little pussy than got out a strap-on dildo and fucked the other until they cum! We don’t think either of them will forget this evening.

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Officially Kinky

Who said that a workplace cannot be a scene of some kinky pleasures? Of course it has its own risk, but beautiful secretaries, Alysa and Lisa couldn’t care less. A boring they can be turned into something really exciting with some anal teasing, and these naughty office ladies knows quite well how to satisfy another woman through her back entrance.

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Nude Fight Club presents Larah vs. Diana Stewart

Today we have a classic blonde versus burnette scenario, which are always the meanest, roughest, most dominating fights. The aim is to finally decide, who is the better; the blondes or the brunettes. Hot Larah represents the blonde faction, while the sexy Diana Stewart defend the pride of the brunette girls. After the taunts, they go against each other, claws open, ,to be the winner or be the bitch.

Employee of the Month Bonus

Louisa Lanewood & Lisa Daniels

Louisa, the employee of the month, is doing her presentation on the new perfumes that she worked on to make them power seller on the market. Lisa, her boss is so proud of her and so hypnotized by the aphrodisiac powers of the perfumes that she is wearing that she is cutting the meeting short and sending everyone else to lunch in order for her to have a bite of Louisa to eat during her lunch hour. Snack on some pussy for lunch, it’s finger licking good.


Alone in the solarium

Lawanda always goes to the solarium at the same time that pretty and sexy Salome has her shift. That way she gets to see this hot lady when she helps her get into the tanning booth. But this time, she had another thing on her mind. There were no other customers there, and Lawanda managed to get Salome to do a lot more than just help her get a tan – she helped her get pussy this time!

Take a break and lick my clit

Nikki catches her coworker looking at a lesbian porno magazine. She finds it gross and they begin to argue when their boss Lexi overhears them. Lexi finds the magazine sexy and will stop at nothing to have Nikki’s tongue all over her horny wet pussy. At first Nikki resists but everyone knows the boss is always! Nikki finally gives in to Lexi’s dominating seduction and a full on lesbian fuckfest ensues!

Take a break and lick my clit


Granny’s Kitchen

Nelly Sullivan is all about charity. She loves to help old ladies, and probably she cannot even tell why. Well, Effie, who is a seasoned veteran in life, exactly knows what Nelly wants. She knows that Nelly secretly get aroused by old women, and the granny is ready to help Nelly to explore her own fantasies… right there, in the kitchen.

Backstage with Orsay & Valentina Chevallier

Come and check out this weeks exclusive hot and exciting nude catfight between bitchy teen whore Orsay and sexy brunette slut Valentina Chevallier! Watch the two opponents as they punch and grasp each other and as they wrestle to decide over domination. As the match went on the two exhausted girls just happened to kiss each other while Valentine was laying on Orsay and eventually ending up with Valentina fucking Orsay with a strap-on dildo like an overly turned on boy!

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NudeFightClub presents Linda Ray vs Teena oil wrestling

Linda Ray and Teena look like they’re in for a really long and sweaty fight. These bitches are both very fiesty and don’t like to lose or give in. So it’s worth watching them because they get very into it – even twisting arms and things like that – not ladylike at all! So which bitch will be the one that loses in the end? You have to watch to find out!

Sunshine And Reena

The lovely Sunshine and sizzlin’ Reena have been neighbors for years and just recently discovered that they both love eating creamy twat-meat. Here they hang out in Sunny’s crib to give us a demo of what kinda steamy pussy-play they go for when they got nuthin’ much to do!

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