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My mentor Mabel

Connie has an older woman friend from who she gets a lot of help and emotional support from. But Mabel is not only Connie’s mentor in life, she also supports her sex life in general! Connie wants to please Mabel for all the help she’s given her, while Mabel enjoys Connie’s young, firm body and lusty appetite for sex. It’s a win win relationship for both of them!

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Zebra Girls Chelsea Rae & Erica Vuitton

I turned my back for one second and the help is fucking off……………..literally. Instead of cleaning up Erika Vuttion got real comfortable and I caught her masturbating on my time! She got real defensive when I confronted her and I could see in her eyes that she was about to kick my white ass. I was about to make lemons into lemonade and my nose was soon face to face with delicious black pussy. I went from dominant boss to submissive white slut in about 5 seconds and part of me was loving it. I put my hands on that firm black ass and spread her cheeks so I could lick that black crack up and down, side to side. She was risking termination in the way she was talking down to me but the rules were thrown out the window along with my heterosexuality. There was no lunch break as I was jamming one of her toys up her black slit and her fat black titties were jiggling all over the work area. Click here to see free gallery.

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Brittany spears

lez-cutiesBrittany likes pop music, her favorite is Britney Spears but there’s only one thing she likes even more: to fuck her girlfriend’s wet pussy with a dildo, spearing and flickering her tongue in and out of her butt, licking Questa’s anus with delight. In return, she wants the same anal pleasures from the young and inexperienced Questa, who seems to be shy for the first time, but turns out to be obsessed with Brittany’s butt! Watch 2 hot teens fingering their very tight asshole >>

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Forbidden pleasures are best enjoyed together and these two hot lesbos are going to take you into a world where all they need is toys and tongues to reach the orgasms they crave. One likes her toys to be big and that rough red toy is going to blow her away as she stuffs it deep inside her.


The other likes her toys a little smaller but the pleasure is just as intense and it’s going to send her into a wild orgasm. The action is definitely hot and horny and these babes want you to watch.

Zebra Girls Andi Anderson & Erica Vuitton

I was out for coffee with my girlfriend, Erika Vuitton , and were were talking about our English class. Our girl chat got dirty as she told me about a time she cleaned some girl’s place and was caught fingering her black snatch. Things got much more interesting as Erika fucked the shit out of her and I was hoping to be in that elite group as well. We got back to her place and I soon joined the ranks of white girls dominated by super submissive black girls. Control was something I wasn’t in the moment we got back to her “Den Of Domination”. Click here to see free gallery.

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Erika showed me exactly what she did to cut that white girl down to size. She felt up my gigantic white tits and slipped my tight panties off my perfectly round ass. Erika had me spread open so wide that I felt so vulnerable to what would come next. I couldn’t moan at all sine my panties were now jammed down my mouth. It’s probably a good thing or else the neighbors might have ended up calling the cops for public disturbance. Nothing could spare me from the thick white strap on that had my holes on its radar. Since I was a good girl Erika gave me the honor of eating her sweet honey pot lick after lick. My asshole is still sore and I’ve suggested that Erika switch to decaf.

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