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Zebra Girls Charlotte Vale & Marie Luv

I don’t know what was going through my mind as I was going through Marie Luv’s purse. She’s my best friend whose trust I broke by looking through her personal items. I found some sex toys, her credit cards, and a phone but the sex toys shocked me the most. She caught me red handed but didn’t call the “police”, as black people like to call them. Instead, she was going to humble my white ass and teach me a lesson that was as hard as the dongs she would end up violating me with. After undressing me Marie Luv became the most aggressive black lesbian I’ve ever seen. I had a twinkle in my eye as she verbally destroyed me which soon turned into a physical workout of mammoth proportions. Secretly I wanted to get caught so she would make me tongue her black ass as well as the other deviant shit she made me do. Marie had me spread my ass cheeks as one of her many toys went right up my ass until I could feel it in the back of my throat. I had to pay the piper for what I did and if I knew I was going to get this type of punishment then I would have been doing this long ago. Click here to see free gallery.

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CatFightGangbang with Marilyn Starr

Marilynn was walking down the street when she was abruptly abudcted by a gang of misfit punk rockers. This ragged gang spared no mercy on poor little Marilynn as they layed it into her with the full intention of wrecking this slut. They turned every little object in sight into a sexual penetrating object. When they were done with Marilynn, you could see that she was a shell of her former self. This scene is wild!

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Smooth Like Mine

It is never too late to be trendy. Margarette decides to follow the fashion and remove her fur. Lana, her loving young friend helps her our, and shaves Margarette’s mature pussy so it will be smooth like hers. It feels better that way – and tastes better that way. They decide to test it right away. Old eating out young and vice versa, and soon the two melds into a lesbian love where age doesn’t matter.

The Only Poll We Want Is A Stripping Poll: Sandy, Sandee Westgate & Puma Swede

Sandy, Sandee Westgate & Puma Swede

Sandee is forced to go to a strip club with her co-worker, so they could try to pursued a potential business partner on a business deal. She begins to feel even more out of place when the strippers begin eye fucking her and then force her to receive a free lap dance and a whole lot more.