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Kathia takes Nataly to the hot tub

Kathia’s a seductress, no doubt and her magic is doing its work on Nataly. When she invited her friend into the hot tub with her she had every intention to check out Nataly in her cute bikini and then work on her from there. But Nataly had a feeling about Kathia, so see these two share how the feel for each other and express it quite physically…

Ioana vs. Babette

These girls won’t give up easily. They pound and squeeze the breathe from each other and even keep fighting after. Baring their teeth, the two beautiful blonde slugs out to the finish – tits against tits, crotch against crotch, till one of them cannot move anymore. But which of these gorgeous beauties will win to gather her prize and fuck the other into oblivion? Make your bet and check it out!

Your pussy tastes better

Katalin wanted to have a private dinner at a fine restaurant last evening but when she saw her waitress Antonya her appetite switched from eating food to eat some wet pussy. She didn’t have much problem with catching the waitress as the hot brunette was fascinated by Katalin’s beauty and of course wanted a decent tip also. Come and watch them as they lick and eat each other on the dining table!